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Our Sandwiches


Bored of the usual sandwiches?


Here at Coffee on the Bean your sandwich is made fresh to order. 


 Something as simple as two pieces of bread gives room for an indefinite range of fillings. We think our choice is pretty good however if you want it, and we have got it, you can have it !


 Done the right way, a sandwich makes for a filling and healthy option, but even better any of our sandwich fillings can be served as a salad bowl.



Eat in the comfort of our cosy coffee shop, playing great music and offering free wifi




•  BBM

bacon, brie & mango chutney

(available without bacon V )


•  Salmon Deluxe

poached salmon with a lemon & dill mayonnaise


• Mexican Chicken

chicken breast, red onions & peppers cooked in mexican spices


• Beef & Horseradish

home cooked roast beef with horseradish mayonnaise


• Pastrami Special

pastrami with piccalilli & saurkraut


•  Savoury Cheese

grated cheese with finely chopped celery peppers & red onions in mayo  V


• Smoked Ham

smoked ham, mozzarella & sundried tomatoes


•  T&C

turkey & cranberry sauce


• Chorizo

chorizo with roasted peppers & cream cheese


•  HP

houmous & roasted peppers V


• Mozzarella & Pesto

mozzarella, tomatoes & basil pesto V


•  Egg & Bacon

egg mayonnaise with crispy bacon


• Greek Salad

Feta Cheese with black olives, tomatoes & cucumber V


• Ham & Mustard

roast ham with a light mustard dressing


• Chicken & Pesto

chicken breast with pesto mayonnaise and roasted peppers


•  Coronation Chicken

diced chicken breast with apricots, flaked almonds & curried mayo


• Tuna or Egg Mayonnaise


• Goats Cheese

goats cheese & caramelised red onions  V


• Cheese & Branston

cheddar cheese & branston pickle


• Beef/Ham/Chicken/Turkey Salad

salad leaves, cucumber, tomato, red onions & mayo or salad cream



   Children’s Sandwiches £2.50

   (ham, cheese, tuna mayo, egg mayo, chicken)




    for an additional charge of 75p any of our sandwich fillings can be served as a salad to       eat in or takeaway




All sandwiches are  served with nachos and a side salad on your choice of white, brown, or seeded brown bread



served until 3.00pm each day

Sandwiches…..served until 3pm

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